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It is rarely in your best interest to plead guilty as charged or, to simply pay off the ticket. Traffic tickets can increase your insurance costs drastically. One insurance point is a 25% increase, two points a 45% increase, and three points a 65% increase. Scroll down the page to see how insurance points drastically increase your insurance rates. It is unethical for an
attorney to guarantee a particular result however, I will apply my experience, examine your record, and try to obtain the best result for you.

North Carolina is a member of both the Driver License Compact and the Nonresident Violator Compact.  A license suspension or serious ticket in any member state equals a ticket or loss of license in ALL 48 member states.  Nonmembers as of January 2000 are: Michigan,  Puerto Rico,  and Wisconsin. If your license is suspended in North Carolina, you
cannot obtain a license in any of the member states until your privilege to drive in North Carolina is restored.

The North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP) was enacted by the General Assembly to reward safe drivers with the lowest possible insurance costs. Drivers who are convicted of moving traffic violations and/or cause accidents will be charged higher premiums in accordance with their driving records.

SDIP points are charged as follows for convictions and at-fault accidents occuring during the Experience Period (The three years immediately preceding the date of application of the preparation of the renewal): 

    12 Points:
    Manslaughter or negligent homicide
    Prearranged highway racing or lending a car
    for prearranged highway racing    
    Hit-and-run resulting in bodily injury or death
    Driving with a blood-alcohol level  .08% or greater
    Driving while impaired
    Transporting illegal intoxicating liquor for sale

    10 Points:

     Highway racing or lending a car for highway racing
    Speeding to elude arrest

    8 Points:

    Driving during revocation or suspension of license or registration
    Aggressive driving

     4 Points:
    Reckless driving
    Hit-and-run, property damage only
    Passing a stopped school bus   
    Speeding in excess of 75 mph or 80 mph in a 70 mph zone
    Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs, driver under 21

    3 Points:
    At-fault accident resulting in death, or bodily injury over $1,800;
    or property damage of $3,000 or more

    2 Points:
    Illegal passing
    Speeding in excess of 55 mph but less than 76 mph
    Driving on the wrong side of road
    At-fault accident resulting in property damage in excess of $1,800,
    but less than $3,000

    1 Point:
All other moving violations or at-fault accidents resulting in property
    damage or bodily injury of $1,800 or less
                                *** Special Exemptions ***

No SDIP points will be charged for:

Speeding 10 mph or less over the posted speed limit provided: 
The violation did not occur in a school zone.
There is a clean driving record for the previous three years (a single Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) will not count as a prior conviction for the purpose of this exception).   

One PJC for each household every three years, provided there are no other PJC's incurred during that time.
Only the higher of the accident or violation points will be charged when a person is convicted of a violation in conjunction with an accident.
Damage by animal or fowl contact; also flying gravel or falling objects.

North Carolina Department of Insurance

North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles