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General Aviation has suffered excruciating pressure for four decades from both intrusive government and an overwhelming legal system. An attorney/pilot combining legal knowledge and practical aviation experience may well provide invaluable and practical advice if you as a mechanic, fixed base operator, or pilot find yourself confronted by an FAA inspector or law enforcement officer.

A common mistake of non-pilot attorneys occurs during DWI representation. A pilot/driver blows a .08 and receives a civil revocation. The driver subsequently is found "not guilty" at trial. Since there is no conviction, neither the attorney or the pilot report the matter to Oklahoma City. The FAA requires prompt reporting of the ten day civil suspension, regardless of whether there is a conviction. The pilot/driver is very pleased with the results until they receive notice of a thirty day suspension of their pilot's license for failing to report the ten day suspension of their driving license. If you are an airline pilot, that is a big "whoops" that could have been prevented by a simple reporting.

If you are involved in an aircraft accident whether as an operator, an owner, or as a passenger, the advice of competent legal counsel may be critical to a positive outcome. Mr. Seibert offers a unique combination of experience including accident reconstruction, flight operations, and negotiation of FAA enforcement actions.

Mr. Seibert is a pilot/attorney for the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association and is available for consultation under the member legal services plan. For a tour of the A.O.P.A. services, click here

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